Needless to say, if you happen to be a permanent resident of Australia, you enjoy more benefits and advantages than a holder of a temporary Australian visa.  In fact, under the Commonwealth law, you are at par with an Australian citizen in terms of rights and privileges in the workplace.


In real terms, what are these rights and privileges?


First and foremost, permanent residency in Australia entitles you to live in the country indefinitely.  Take note of the word INDEFINITELY.  That’s what most visa applicants are aiming for.  On top of that, you can travel in and out of the country as many times as you want.  Can you do it with a provisional or temporary visa?  The answer is no.


If your intention to come to the country is to study, you’d be better served with a permanent residency visa.  First of all, you are free to take any course of your choice.  And the better part of that is this: In some cases, the Australian government offers you student loans to lighten up the load on your and your parents’ pocket.  We all know that education, especially the one offered by good quality schools, can really make a dent on our finances.  A permanent residency in the country prevents that problem from happening.


Healthcare privileges are another key benefit enjoyed by permanent residents of Australia.  If you gain permanent residency here, you are entitled to enjoy the privileges afforded to Medicare members.  Medicare is the term for Australia’s healthcare system, which counts as one of the best in the world.  Armed with a Medicare membership, you can avail of free medical checks and treatment in government-owned healthcare outlets and receive free medicines if you have certain medical conditions.


These are just some of the benefits permanent residents of Australia get to enjoy from the government.  There are more.